5 Things to Consider for Installing 2-Person Bathtub in Bathroom

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Bathtubs are not always made for one person to use. If you want stylish statement in the bathroom with ultimate luxury that others can’t beat, 2-person bathtub might just be the one you are looking for. That being said, there are some things to consider, if you ever plan on installing it in your bathroom. It might be difficult to realize the plan if you don’t meet those things. So, let’s learn what those things could be to better understand about it.

Consider the Space Needed to Have the Bathtub In
Surely, you must have known that bathtubs for 2 persons are larger in size than one for 1 person. Of course, it would take up more space in the bathroom. So, you need to make sure that it can fit through the doorway of your bathroom first. Then, you can place it nicely inside. You don’t have to worry. Such bathtub comes with various different shapes and sizes. Choose one that fit your space.

Consider You Have Outlet with the Required Voltage
Of course, you will need outlet to use your bathtub. However, just like the space earlier, it requires more electricity for two-people bathtubs. So, the thing you need to consider and do is to make sure that your outlet can supply the required voltage to use the bathtub. You can ask for electrician’s help to make adjustments, though. Just don’t forget this important thing if you want to install the bathtub.

Consider the Water Heater Has Large Enough Capacity
People like to take a bath in a bathtub with warm water. If you have 2-person bathtub, it is only obvious that you will need water heater with more capacity. It has to be able to hold great enough capacity of water until the water in your tub cools off. Well, there are some kinds of such bathtub that have in-line heaters, but this is necessary if you happen to choose one with no such heater in.

Consider Some Option for More Indulgent Experience
You can absolutely consider more things to add more indulgent experience. There are various optional things you can add to your bathtub. Those things include aromatherapy and chromotherapy options, built-in LED multi-colored lighting, tray to place champagne and some treats, integrated leather headrests for comfort, and many more. Pick one or two of these 2-person bathtub options.

Consider the Kind of Bathtub Designs You Want to Use
There are at least two kinds of basic bathtub design you can choose one from. The first one is side by side design if you need more floor space. The other one is long design so the bathers can face each other, although it is narrower. There are other designs to pick, but these designs are good to make a choice to begin with. So, consider which design that you like. Of course, your chosen 2-person bathtub has to fit in the space of your bathroom at home.
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